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movie reviews.
1. The Celebration.

directed by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg and is developed under the rules of dogma 95. The Celebration is about a family reunion that is brought together to celebrate the father's 60th birthday. The tensions and rawness of the characters explodes on film and the editing is out of this world. The actors continue to act despite the fact that the camera is not always on them. This to me is real acting. This flic won many awards and is defiantly one of my top 10 movies of all time.

2. Julien Donkey Boy

directed by Lower east-side new yorker Harmony Korine. Harmony is one of my favorite directors for displaying the disturbing portrayals of humanity. He is also know for the movie Gummo. Highly recommended. I also saw this in new york at this little artsy theatre where I could feel the vibration of the subway below me...this atmosphere and quality of flic left for a lasting memory.

more recent movies.........

3. The Hours

In Adaptation and now The Hours I rediscovered Meryl Streep....who I believe should have got more acknowledgement for both of her amazing performances. The Hours touches on so many levels of humanity and doesn't under-estimate the intelligence of the audience.

4. About Schmit

David LaChappelle is a pop kitsch contemporary photographer who usually exploits the surreal aspects and environments of U.S. culture....I believe About Schmit does the same thing by placing a retired senior to rediscover family life in the bleak surreal environment of hickville USA.